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Similarly scary sounding, a follicular cyst is actually just a clogged pore Belly Button Ring. This puss-filled bump can be caused by to an ingrown hair, or dead skin cells trapped inside a pore next to your piercing. Hypotrophic scarring, however, usually occurs in a cartilage piercing (upper ear or nose) and must be tended to immediately—before it becomes a more permanent keloid scar. Hypotrophic scarring is caused by a loss of collagen due to trauma in and around the piercing site, and you shouldn't delay treatment if it happens to you. First, size down your jewelry's gauge (with professional guidance, of course) to avoid undue pressure on the wound. Then, perform a daily, gentle oil massage (Rosehip seed oil, which is sold for fairly cheap by The Ordinary is preferred,) to dissolve the blister before it becomes a body piercing jewelry wholesale canada permanent scar.